Light Band (2 pack)
Light Band (2 pack)

Light Band (2 pack)

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The perfect and complete way to secure your cord when using a Light Shield!

Normally, when you wrap your cord around your Light Shield, there's nothing holding the cord in place, so it loosens up over time

This can cause your controller to fall out of the case, opening it up to all kinds of harm

Bendy ties solve this problem by bundling all the cords together at a single point, and if you’re lucky, this will work just fine

But most controller cords vary in length by a surprising amount, so if you're not so lucky, you'll have a bunch of extra cord hanging out

If you want to secure that extra cord inside of the case, it's possible with bendy ties, but you'll have to bend the cord in a tight circle, which some people might not like

What the Light band does, is wrap around the outside of the your case, so any extra cords are easily rounded up

This is the solution that finally allows you to "set and forget" about your controller with zero worries on your mind