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Light Shield Classic - Gamecube Controller Case

  • Description:

    This product only ships to the US!

    The toughest, most rugged Light Shield to date!

    Travel worry free and focus on your upcoming matches. Leave your controller in your bag for days at a time, knowing your buttons and joysticks are shielded from pressure.

    Keep your one-of-a-kind controller in peak condition, and do it in style with a premium, compact case.

    Don't let a controller malfunction be the reason you lose a game. Ensure your victory with a Light Shield.

    Comes with 1 Light Band and 5 Bendy Ties to keep your cord from unravelling.

    Cord clip sold separately

    $4.99 flat shipping

    Ships in 5-7 business days

    The last 30 units! This product will no longer be produced.